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PowerSchool is the tool Haskell Public Schools uses as our Student Management System

Parents and students have seperate accounts. Parent’s your account will allow you to see all of your students with one login, you will be able to edit your contact informaton, fill out and sign school forms. It is for this reason that it is important for you and your student/students to have separate accounts. 


Log into your PowerSchool Parent account or if you have not already created an account follow the instructions in the video clip to create one. You will need your student/student’s Access ID and Password. If you do not have these, then please use the link below to request them.


You will not need to create an account, you just need your Access ID and Password. If you do not have these then please use the link below to request them. 

PowerSchool Login Request

Once you create your account, you can either continue to use the website or you can download the PowerSchool App to your device. 

Here is the link to Haskell’s Powerschool site –
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