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“In 2012, S.B. 1797 was signed into law with the vision of combining two well-established educational agencies into one organization that would impact the quality of PK-20 education in Oklahoma; it seemed to be a challenging and far-reaching task to accomplish. However, both former agencies, Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation and the Office of Accountability, have successfully united in purpose and commitment to realize such a vision in forming the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA).

The early successes of this organization began with the collaborative work of our staff in creating the agency’s new mission statement and the diligence in crafting a strategic organizational plan. OEQA’s effective leadership coupled with the encouragement of our oversight board, the Commission for Educational Quality and Accountability, has also contributed to our early yet strong impact on the educational landscape of Oklahoma. We realize that sustainable impact will only occur by staying true to our mission, which is to be a relevant and service-oriented agency for our state.” (OKSDE website 2018)

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